The journey of singledom in a starter home.

Or do whatever I want to for that matter. Last week I talked about finishing my bedroom and my choice in paint colors. In case you missed it, my choice was BLACK. When I told people I was going to paint my bedroom walls black I got a lot of looks. You-have-lost-your-mind kind of looks. I tried not to let them get to me. I even started telling people I didn’t know what color I was going to paint my room. Just to avoid the looks. I told myself they didn’t bother me. That I had a vision! But then the looks started to creep into my brain and I started to doubt myself. I even refused (at the request of my painter) to test a wall first just because I didn’t want to see it and decide I didn’t like it. Decide that all those look givers were right. So I did the totally sane thing and just picked a black, told my painter to go for it and left the house.

After a major anxiety attack and a serving of Belgian waffles, I calmed myself down and prepared myself for the worst. Only to discover that I was in love. It is the best decision I have made to date on this house. And you know what? I trusted my gut.

After a long talk with my best friend about it, she said, “Isn’t that the best thing about owning a house!?” And you know what, it is! I have complete and total freedom to make stupid decisions. If I want to paint a room black, then gee-golly, I will. It’s totally and completely liberating to make a decision, trust your instincts and go with it. That once the job is done, to be able to say to yourself, I was wrong and I have failed miserably but at least I tried it, or “Hell yes, I’ve got style!”

Take a risk. It feels good. And if you hate it, it’s only paint.

And yes, sometimes there will be tears. But this time, all smiles.


xo, jonesy.

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  1. Kelly #
    November 15, 2012

    Can NOT wait to see this in person. Bravo on the black, bravo on the blog!

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